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The Unique Challenge of the Upper Urinary Tract

Dr. Fiona Park
BVSc(dist) DVSc DACVIM Registered Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine, Animal Referral Centre, Auckland
12 December 2018
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Nephroliths and ureteroliths present a unique challenge in general practice. Often difficult to diagnose and requiring quick-action to prevent serious consequences, in this webinar Dr. Fiona Park, Registered Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine will discuss:
  • Nephrolith and uterolith recognition
  • Medical, nutritional and surgical treatment options
  • Canine and feline case studies from the Animal Referral Centre
Fiona is a proud Aucklander and completed her veterinary degree at Massey University. She trained further at the University of Guelph, Canada where her thesis involved research into hypercoagulability in Cushingoid Dogs.

Finishing her postgraduate studies in 2012, Fiona then spent several years working in specialist practice in Australia before returning to NZ with the vision of creating a world class veterinary hospital on Auckland's North Shore. She is now one of the founding partners of Animal Referral Centre, enjoying all facets of internal medicine, with particular interests in endocrinology, haematology and diagnostic ultrasound.

When not working Fiona enjoys spending time with her family, including a rambunctious Boxer dog called Stanley.

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