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Take Your Cat to the Vet Training | THE SCIENCE OF FEAR: Practical tips for clinicians

Tuesday, 22nd June – Wednesday, 22nd September
ID: 690
Join Royal Canin Veterinarian and ISFM member Dr Chantelle McGowan as she discusses cat friendly clinics and provides practical tips. This webinar will cover why being a cat friendly clinic makes good business sense, how to reduce the rate of cat-related injuries in your clinic, the science of fear and trigger stacking, and how to help fearful cats during consultations. You will also hear all about how to become Cat Friendly Clinic accredited and add value to your business.
Dr Chantelle McGowan (ISFM member & cat-vocate) graduated from University of Melbourne in 2011 & is owned by two mischievous kitties, Louis & Mittens.

Chantelle's passion for behaviour started as a new-grad, seeking remote referral support from behaviour specialist Dr Gabrielle Carter for a memorable tail-chasing Red Heeler in Bendigo. More opportunities for referral & collaboration on behavioural cases arose on returning to metropolitan small animal practice in Melbourne in 2012. This afforded the ability to attend many clinical behaviour short-courses, study groups & conferences. Chantelle fast realised the importance of applying behavioural medicine within the clinic itself, incorporating low-stress handling into veterinary team protocols over multiple practices and being appointed Head Veterinarian of an ISFM-accredited Cat Friendly Clinic.

It was the passion for promoting the well-being of all cats in clinic and at home, that lead Chantelle to pass on a dream position of Behaviour Vet & Cat-friendly Renovation Design Consultant for a multi-national corporate veterinary group. Instead, Chantelle joined the team at Royal Canin and through the Take Your Cat To The Vet initiative, is excited to be raising awareness for the emotional well-being of cats on an even bigger scale