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The Early Diagnosis & Nutrition of Renal Disease

Dr. Andrew MacPherson
BSc (Hons) BVSc, IDEXX
Dr. Mark Edwards
27 June 2018
ID: 60
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Webinar, collaboration between IDEXX and Royal Canin, discusses the latest in diagnostics for identifying early renal disease and how to best manage renal patients from a nutritional perspective. This webinar will cover both the early diagnosis of renal disease, as well as the key aspects of nutrition:
  • Explore the importance of early diagnosis of renal disease
  • Understand the role of SDMA as a new marker of GFR
  • Understand the 3 key attributes of SDMA
  • Get a deeper understanding of the key nutrients that help to slow the progression of renal disease, as well as nutrients that can assist in alleviating clinically symptoms in later stages
  • Tips, tricks and recommendations for feeding renal patients within each IRIS stage
Dr Andrew MacPherson is a qualified and practiced veterinarian having completed his BVSc at Massey University and subsequently working in various large, small and mixed animal practices across New Zealand and England. Andrew also gained experience as a technical veterinarian working with MAF/MPI in a variety of roles. Andrew has over five years experience working as a technical services veterinarian in the veterinary industry, and now works as Medical Affairs Veterinarian for IDEXX, based in Auckland.

Many of you will have met or heard Dr Mark Edwards present on behalf of Royal Canin around the country or through hosted webinars over the past few years. Mark is a Massey University veterinary graduate who has practiced as a small animal veterinarian in New Zealand & the United Kingdom and has always had a passion for small animal clinical nutrition. Mark has been the Stakeholder & Scientific Affairs Veterinarian for Royal Canin Pacific for the past 5 years, and has recently moved in to a regional, Asia Pacific role for the company.

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