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Supporting Young Lives with Puppy Pro Tech

Dr. Lee Danks
BVSc BVMS MRCVS, Scientific Affairs Manager, Royal Canin, Royal Canin, Auckland
11 December 2018
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Many dog breeders will know that puppies at the very start of their life are particularly vulnerable, with a shocking average of 20% of puppies failing to survive the first 2 months of life.

This webinar will walk us through what we can pro-actively do to safeguard these pup's future and support their ongoing growth. We'll cover environmental and bitch/dam condiserations, but focus our attentions primarily on the neonates themselves:
  • How to recognize an at-risk puppy
  • The importance of early colostrum
  • Using a milk replacer to support them in this critical period
This free one hour session (with questions & answers) will be presented by our Scientific Affairs Manager, Dr Lee Danks.
Originally from Western Australia, Lee qualified at Murdoch University in 2003 before practicing in Australia and then the UK. Having spent considerable time with Royal Canin, he has held sales, marketing, training, communications and now a Scientific Affairs role, initially in the UK but now with the colorful New Zealand team in Auckland. He has a passion for 'getting nutrition right' and seeing the positive health benefits for the pets that we share our lives with.

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