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Protein, Fat & Fibre - the Three Pillars for Chronic Enteropathies

Dr. Craig Ruaux
BVSc (Hons) PhD MACVSc DACVIM (SAIM), Massey University, New Zealand
28 May 2019
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Chronic enteropathies, also commonly called Inflammatory Bowel Disease(s), are common and often frustrating reasons for dogs and cats to present for veterinary care. We tend to think of these as diseases that may require immune-modulating therapies such as glucocorticoids, but many of these conditions will show response to dietary modifications. Changes in protein source and character, alterations in dietary fat content, and use of novel fibre types or fibre supplementation are all potentially helpful in these cases, and in some cases may allow satisfactory management without additional drug interventions. In this webinar we will discuss the disease indications that prompt dietary modifications, and which modifications we try first in specific patients depending on their history, clinical signs and the results of diagnostic assessments.
Dr Craig Ruaux is a 1992 graduate from the University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science. Following a five-year period of private practice experience, ranging from mixed-animal to pure small animal, Dr Ruaux returned to the University of Queensland to complete a PhD program investigating markers of severity for severe acute pancreatitis in dogs. On completion of his PhD Dr Ruaux joined the Gastrointestinal Laboratory at Texas A&M University where he worked on minimally invasive diagnostic testing for small intestinal and pancreatic disease and the impacts of vitamin deficiencies on response and prognosis for cats with inflammatory enteropathies. After 6 years at the GI Laboratory, Dr Ruaux moved to Oregon State University. At Oregon he completed residency training in small animal internal medicine and was subsequently retained as a faculty member, rising to the rank of Associate Professor with indefinite tenure. In 2016 Dr Ruaux joined the faculty of the Massey University School of Veterinary Science, where he is Associate Professor of Small Animal Medicine and head of the Small Animal Medicine service. Dr Ruaux is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, and a registered specialist in small animal internal medicine. He is the Past-President of the Comparative Gastroenterology Society.

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