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Obesity. the Digestible Bits, Practical Tips

Shelley Holden
RVN CertSAN - Royal Canin Weight Management Specialist, ROYAL CANIN®
18 May 2016
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Shelley's presentation will have relevant and practical tips for Vets and Vet Nurses including:
  • How to design a weight management plan for the pet and what needs to be included such as exercise and diet.
  • How to effectively manage a pet's weight loss programme.
  • Practical tips and ideas on how to achieve successful weight loss including calorie awareness, how to use daily diaries and how to improve owner compliance.
  • Tips on how to keep the weight off once weight loss has been achieved.
Shelley is a qualified Veterinary Nurse and an Advanced Pet Health Counsellor. She completed the BVNA Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour and in 2009 gained her Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition. Shelley moved to The University of Liverpool as the Clinic Nurse for the ROYAL CANINĀ® Weight Management Referral Clinic in 2004 and in 2014 joined Royal Canin as a Specialist Advisor for the Weight Management Team. As part of this role she continues to educate and support veterinary practices and raise public awareness in animal Obesity.

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