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Dealing with Maxilomandibular Trauma: Why Less Is More

Dr. Angus Fechney
BVSc, Small Animal Dental Resident, Companion Animal Dental Service, New Zealand
22 August 2016
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In this webinar Angus will cover the techniques of repair for these cases including considerations for treatment and management of different jaw fractures, the biomechanics to consider around repair options, and why teeth (even those that are mobile) are our friends!

The key learning outcomes from Angus' presentation on maxilomandibular trauma will include:
  • Tackling minimally invasive techniques of jaw repair
  • Management options for avulsed or luxated teeth
  • Management options for fractured teeth
Angus currently teaches dentistry to the tech (BVT) and veterinary (BVSc) students at Massey University's Veterinary teaching Hospital. He also provides a referral dental service based mainly out of Massey but also in Wellington and several other centres.

He is enrolled in a part time small animal dental residency under the supervision of Dr David Clarke in Melbourne. Although initially working in general or university practice, he has had a passion for all things dental for the last 20 years and continues to enjoy disseminating this knowledge.

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