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Attracting and Retaining Customers - What Are the Key Steps and How do We Use Them Better?

Dr. Alison Lambert
BVSc CMRS MRCVS – Managing Director
23 July 2019
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Clients find you and stay with you because of the customer experience you provide - the values and tone your online presence sets; the care, respect and understanding showed by every member of the team from front desk to consult room. Measuring customer care metrics raises standards, drives improvements and underpins commercial success.

By the end of this webinar you'll understand how to optimise the customer experience at every stage; improving your online presence, telephone customer care, consult communication skills, delivering personalised care at the reception desk and staying in touch once the pet has left the building. As a result you'll attract new clients and keep more of your existing ones without the need for expensive marketing.
Following qualification from Liverpool University in 1989, Alison worked in practice for several years before pursuing a business career with Hills Pet Nutrition and MARS, where she discovered the passion for the customer experience that her award-winning company, Onswitch, is renowned for today. Established in 2001, Onswitch promotes customer-centred practice so pets, horses and livestock receive the best care; providing research, marketing, CPD and business consultancy with an effective, innovative, straight-talking and client-led approach.

Alison is Associate Professor of Veterinary Business and a lecturer at The University of Nottingham Vet School, teaching Customer Understanding. She is published widely and regularly speaks at key international veterinary congresses and events.

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