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Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson

ID: 43
Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson has served the veterinary field for over 20 years. After graduating from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, she practiced in both the large and small animal sectors. In 2007 Dr. Pope transitioned from running a veterinary practice to supporting and managing multiple veterinary hospital locations in a leadership position for a corporate veterinary practice. Drawing from her experience and knowledge in this leadership role Dr. Pope then took a position in the pharmaceutical industry where she specifically worked with veterinary specialists as well as veterinary schools. Her work during this time was focused on helping veterinary specialists develop and grow their practice and providing support and development opportunities to students and faculty at the colleges she worked with.

Dr. Pope's medical experience, in addition to supporting over 200 veterinarians and their teams, provided her with a unique exposure to the ins and outs of the veterinary profession. From this experience, she has a strong understanding of the stresses involved with being a vet which can lead to a lack of fulfillment in the profession. Dr. Pope has found that helping others find the path to manage perfectionist tendencies as well as their personal shame while helping individuals to develop the skills of self-forgiveness and resilience is the foundation to a sustainable career in the Veterinary Medical industry.